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How long can I burn my candle for at one time?

The recommended maximum time each candle should burn for is 3-4 hours. 

Uh. Oh. Why aren't my wood wicks staying lit? 

Wood wicks are beautiful and they make those soothing crackling noises we all love so much, but they can be stubborn. Just like lighting a real fire in the fireplace, sometimes the wood takes some warming up before becoming a steady flame. This is completely normal. Make sure your surface your candle is on is completely flat so the wax is not above or at the tip of the wood wick and that your wood wick is at least 1/4in tall.

Why should I trim my wick after each burn?

Trimming your wick is important! Wood wicks while being lit burn and singe at the top by the flame, trimming the wicks ensures an even and clean flame next time you choose to light your candle. Always trim your candle to 1/4 in after each burn.

Should my candle have rough spots or bumps after it has been lit?

It sure can and this completely normal! All of our candles are made with only natural ingredients. When your candle is hardening after being lit, things like temperature and drafts affect how your candle cools. Natural ingredients cause the candle to cool at different times so this is when you start to see bumps or rough spots. This just means your candle is made up of natural ingredients and is cooling by a natural process. These bumps or rough spots do not affect the fragrance, burn, or life of the candle!

My candle didn't seem to burn all the way down. Is this normal?

Yes and no! There are ways to prevent this! Allowing your candle to burn for at least a hour or until the melt pool reaches the sides of the vessel on the first burn is important. Candles have memory! So, if your first burn is for a very short period of time, it is very likely your next melt pool will follow suit and burn the exact same as before causing what is known as, tunneling. All of our vessels we use for candles are hand carved and unique! Shapes and sizes may vary and there are just some shapes that do not allow for a complete and full melt pool. Wicks are strategically placed in your vessels to prevent this and also to maintain a safe burn. Wicks cannot be placed too close to the edges of wood dough bowls especially so each candle and wick placement is tested for your safety.

What do I do with my candle once it is done?

This is where you get to be creative! All of our bowls have the option to be cleaned out and repurposed! Head on over to our how-to page to see how to safely and properly clean out your vessel to be reused! 

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