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You must be wondering why I have a whole page dedicated to a step by step process of how each individual candle is created. This is because clean ingredients make the difference. No hidden toxins. No secret additives. Just extensive testing with natural and clean ingredients to create some of the strongest aromas for your home. 

When I started creating candles, I had no idea just how intricate they truly can be. Just like your secret family recipe for grandma's famous cookies, each candle comes with their own as well. 


the recipe is a secret

but my process and ingredients ARE NOT.

It became important to me that when I shop for products for my home I am mindful. I enjoy creating a home full of naturally inspired and non-toxic products. I enjoy even more sharing these with you!

So... from my home to yours...

the before...

Each candle vessel collection holds a unique amount of wax weight. This weight determines how much fragrance oil is used for each candle as well as coconut oil. This actually requires a long formula and provides me with exact measurements down to the hundredth of an ounce. My candle recipe (formula) has been extensively tested so that you are getting the strongest aroma even when the candle is not burning. 

step one

Soy wax flakes and coconut oil are combined in a melting pot. 

step two

Each candle is hand wicked with wooden wicks.

step three

Once goal temperature has been reached in the melting pot, phthalate-free premium fragrance oil is then added to the wax.

step four

Candle vessels are heated with a heat gun to maintain a warm temperature to prepare for their pour. This helps to prevent any air bubbles once wax has been poured.

step five

Once goal temperature has been reached after the fragrance oil has been added, the wax is then transferred to a pouring pitcher, and poured into the candle vessel. 

step six 

Candles are then stored in a dim, room temperature space, away from drafts, for two weeks. This is called "curing time." Curing is the process of the wax and fragrance oil blending. This blend is incredibly important! Allowing the full two weeks, ensures that the fragrance has completely and evenly distributed throughout the wax to give off its strong scent! 

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