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How To Choose Your Next Favorite Scent By Fragrance Notes...

Cue the **add to cart!**

Everyone loves a good online shop... The seamless add to cart, everything available right in front of you without even having leave the couch or your bed, and of course, can't forget the well anticipated gift from you to you awaiting on your doorstep! 

But, how do you choose your next favorite candle scent online?! 

Let's Start With The Basics...
Featuring Our Best Seller

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First Impression

These are the scents that initially wow you! These are what catch your attention first! Your first impression...

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The Heart

These notes are the heart of the fragrance. They help tie all the notes together and what may ultimately make you fall in love with your new candle. Your heart...

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Longest Lasting

Everyone and everything needs a good base. This is what you may smell hours later after your candle has been burning and what will last the longest after each note has shone its way through. The longest lasting... 

All of our fragrance oils are blended by amazing teams that are constantly creating, testing, blending, and designing new scents. To the untrained nose, certain notes may seem like a unique combination, but each note is specifically chosen and blended to compliment the others to give off that "I have to have this" reaction of a scent. 

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